Saturday, 16 March 2013

Learning Story Documentation in Full Day Kindergarten

I have recently finished a template that I am using to write learning stories for my students. Learning stories are a form of observation/documentation that are written to the student in the form of a story about the learning experience.  This template is a fillable form, with a place write a story to the students.  The best part about the template is that it includes all of our Ontario Curriculum expectations in the form of a clickable list.  I am selling the template on TPT here:

I was so thrilled to read feedback that someone wrote after they purchased the template...

"Danielle, This is a fantastic product! I love that I can create a "learning story" for each student in my Kindergarten. Wonderful for evaluating with an ECE partner, and for sharing with parents. Great that it relates directly to our Ontario curriculum. This will be a real asset for report card writing. Thank you for making this available!"

Wow...what a nice comment to read!!

That just made my day :)


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