Saturday, 16 February 2013

New "must-have" supply

I have a new addiction! While at my local Staples store, I stumbled upon the Arc Customizable Notebook System. I'm in love! I was looking for something that would give me the flexibility of a notebook, but that I could also use to store documents, like a binder. This is perfect! It's easy to write on because you can fold it over like a spiral notebook! The papers stay in very well (I was worried they might fall out). They also sell a punch so you can punch anything to add to your notebook. (Of course I had to have it). The best feature is these "rings"... they are discs that are available in different sizes. You can increase the size of your notebook by adding bigger rings at any time. I have now started using the rings to create class books! This is soooo easy to do. Whenever I have a set of student pages that I would like to use in a book, I punch them, add cardstock for covers, and pop in the rings. When the students have all had a chance to enjoy the book (maybe a month) I can add their work to individual portfoilos - or send it home, and then re-use the rings for the next class book. A set of rings is priced around $1 and can be used again and again!

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